Telagraph on panel board in ship control room

Engine Controllers

We perform complete retrofit of marine engine controllers with PLC systems

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Navigation officer driving cruise liner on the river.

Monitoring and Alarm

Complete retrofit and upgrading of ship monitoring and alarm systems

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Asian Indonesian Technician or electrician making function test on breaker box or switchbox with power lines on construction site or in factory for acceptance

System Upgrading

Upgrading existing systems with redundancy, remote monitoring and control, centralized monitoring

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Complete System Upgrade

We upgrade and retrofit complete marine control systems including engine controllers, monitoring and alarm controllers, ship propulsion systems and data monitoring / storage systems

Our USPs include

  • Extremely fast installation
  • PLC based systems for better reliability, low cost spare parts and long term parts availability
  • Redundant systems
  • Customized designs to match your exact requirement
  • Expertise of over 06 years in controller retrofit

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